Aik Aawaz Organization

The name of the Organization is AIK AAWAZ WELFARE'WELFARE ORGANIZATION (AAWO) The Organization shall be non-govermental non-profeting and non polictical Organization working for the vast welfare of the humanity without any discrimination of caste, color , creed,culture, sect and relgion or community discrimination

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Aims & Objectives

Aik Aawaz Welfare Organization Aims & Objectives

  • To provide medical facilities to the poor, orphan, windows & other person in need.
  • To setup medical, dental & hygiene clinics to provide for the sick, the disabled, the poor, the homeless and the needy
  • To train doctors, nurses and other health care workers to provide both hospital treatment and outpatient health programs.
  • To organize free medical camps.
  • To carry out studies collect and collate data regarding various aspects of human health and prevalence of diseases.
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